If you are thinking about placing an ATM in your place of business we can help.  ATM Austin can offer several permanent placement options for businesses.  When you choose our Hands Off permanent placement option you can get a turnkey solution that is fast, easy, and reliable.  Of course, every option is reliable  but other than Hands Off you will have to do some of the work.

Option #1: Hands Off
ATM Austin installs and maintains its own ATM at your place of business. Under this option, you incur no costs associated with the ATM, and ATM Austin pays you a portion of the generated revenue per cash transaction depending on the monthly volume and surcharge.  All that you need to provide is an electrical outlet. 

Option #2: 50/50 Split
ATM Austin installs and programs its own ATM at our own cost. You fill the ATM with your funds and provide internet access. We supply everything else to do with the ATM.  Using this option, ATM Austin pays you half the surcharge amount per cash transaction* on or about the 20th of the month following.  You willl have to pass a credit and background check.

Option #3: Full Purchase
You purchase an ATM from ATM Austin with prices from $2,095.00 and up. We will install and program the ATM not included in the cost of the machine.  You will need to supply connection to your internet.  Your business should open a separate bank account just for this in order to keep the ATM funds and surcharges separate from your general operating account.  We will provide processing services for all cash dispensing, balance inquiries and transfer transactions.  You will also receive a two year full waranty on parts and ninety days labor that covers evereything except neglect, misuse or spillage.   Please visit our eCommerce site at ATM's America for ATM's, parts and supplies.
Option #5: Processing Only
We will set up your processing at no charge and provide free online reporting.

Option #4: Customize
None of the above are exactly what you want?  You tell us what you want and we will do our best to meet your ATM needs.

Maintainance and Repairs
ATM Austin also provides repair service to Tranax (now Hantle), Genmega and Hyosung ATM machines.  We supply parts, maintainance and repair service for Tranax, Hantle, Genmega and Hyosung ATM's for Austin and surrounding areas.  We will travel out of the Austin metro area but mileage is charged @ 0.55  per mile plus $40.00 per hour drive time in addition to the $75.00 service call that pays for the first 1/2 hour at the location.  Travel time is included in the service call within the Austin metro area.

ATM Maintainance & Repair Program
Our ATM Maintenance & Repair Program will give you peace of mind.  Service is provided within 24 hours from time of call made during normal business hours 8am to 5pm CT and if located in the Austin metro area.

Our trained technicians are ready to service your ATM when in need of repairs and provide preventative maintenance to assure your ATM is in top working condition during peak hours.
Many of your ATM repair needs can be solved over the phone and our trained technicians are available to walk you through the steps to place your atm back in service.

Our ATM M&R Program includes on site service if necessary but we will try to solve your issue over the phone first.  Tranax and Hyosung ATM's will tell you what is wrong if you just know where to look.  We know where to look and we can guide you through over the phone.  Some models can even be remotely diagnosed.  This means when we come out, if necessary, we will have the right part to fix it on the first trip.  The M&R program is for ATM machines that are out of warranty.  During the warranty period of two years the manufacturer warranty covers only parts.  Our M&R program includes supplies such as receipt paper, telephone support, on site labor, software upgrades as required and 24 hour or less response time.  Parts are not included in the M&R program.  This is for ATM's that are over two years old and less than 7 years old.  If your ATM is over 7 years old you should consider replacing it with and new Hantle, Genmega or Hyosung ATM today.

M&R Program


Cost Breakdown

Yearly Amount


Month to Month




6 Month Pre-Paid




1 Year Pre-Paid




*Surcharges must exceed $300.00 pre month