ATM Houston, sponsored by PATHWARD Bank and processing through Digital Network Solutions provides the best ATM processing in Houston and throught the entire USA.  From small merchants to small or large IAD's, we have a plan that will fit your business.  For totally free ATM processing* you get free receipt paper, free software updates, free service calls and more.  If you don't care about the free items and want the interchange, there are other plans.  With the customer getting the interchange, you will get a buy rate based on transaction volume.  With this plan you lose all the free itmes.  You will pay for everything like receipt paper, service calls, customer service, etc.  What we want to do is to offer a plan that will fit with your business, not one that you get put into.  Below you will find what you get without getting the interchange.  Call or email us today for an analysis of your business to find out what you have been missing.

*With our processing done through us you will not receive:

  1. No transaction fee
  2. No statement fee
  3. No monthly fee
  4. No network access fee
  5. No support fee
  6. No service call fees in Houston area

*What you will receive while processing through us:

  1. Free receipt paper
  2. Free software updates
  3. 24/7 online reporting
  4. Phone Ap for ATM monitoring
  5. Free support
  6. Free services calls in Houston metro area.  Only pay for parts